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By phone, website, or homepage We introduce share houses through our website, website, email, or phone.We accept questions about the property and applications for viewings.

After making your inquiry, a representative will contact you via email or phone within a few days. We will respond to your questions and schedule a viewing.

We recommend that you actually view the property you are considering moving into.A representative will guide you and answer any questions you may have.You may even be able to meet and talk with the residents who actually live there.

If you see it with your own eyes and like it, you can apply to move in. At that time, you will need proof of your identity and will be asked to fill out an application form.

Living in a share house does not mean that you can live a self-centered life like living alone, or that you don't have to be careful like living at home.It is important to have a feeling of "ALL FOR ONE ♡ ONE FOR ALL" such as cooperating and following the rules.We will judge whether the person's personality is suitable for the share house, and whether there will be any problems as a tenant by referring to the documents and what they said during the preview.

Once you decide to move in, we will sign a contract. Your room will be confirmed once we have confirmed that your deposit (30,000 yen) has been received. After we have decided on your move-in/contract date, we will send you an email with information on how to calculate the initial costs (daily rent, etc.).

On the day you move in, you will pay the initial fee and sign a contract. At that time, we will give you the entrance key and two room keys. It's finally time to move in! This is the start of a shared life♪




Daily rent/utility expenses

Fire/home contents insurance


*Payment can also be made from a deposit.

Key money, security deposit, and brokerage fees are free.

[What you need at the time of contract]


◎Copy of identification card (driver's license or passport)

*Foreign nationals: Residence card/passport

◎Identification of account number

(*Required only for those who will pay their monthly rent by debit.)


Please feel free to contact us


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